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Only the paranoid survive.

Breaking News!

Episode 7 is now available!



Our interview with the Klinge brothers from the hit Discovery Channel show, Ghost Lab, is now online. Again, don't forgot to check out Ghost Lab every Tuesday night at 9pm Central time on The Discovery Channel. Tonight, the team heads to Alcatraz island. Check out their Youtube page from some previews of what looks to be their best episode yet.



Good news everyone! Props to anyone who gets that reference. On Sunday, December 6th, The Lone Conspirators will be interviewing none other than our fellow San Antonians the Klinge brothers from the hit Discovery Channel show, Ghost Lab! We already have quite a few questions lined up, but any of you Lone Conspirator fans out there (that's right, all 5 of you) are welcome to submit your own questions to us. Just try to get them in asap. The interview should be up in podcast form soon after. Hope to hear from y'all. Until then, don't forgot to check out Ghost Lab every Tuesday night at 9pm Central time on The Discovery Channel.



The site may disappear on October 26th or 27th for a few days (hopefully no more than 1 day if even 1 day at all). We'll be right back though. Geocities is shutting down and we're still in the process of moving over to GoDaddy.



This October, The Discovery Channel will be debuting a new show called "Ghost Lab." The show will follows the Texas-based ghost hunting group Everyday Paranormal as they pursue unexplained phenomena across the country travelling in their very own mobile labratory on wheels. I personally know one of the members of this group and can promise you this show is going to be GOOD. Check out a couple of entries on Discovery.com and TV.com (complete with photos) for more!



Episode 6 is now available! And it only took us over three months!


Episode 5 of the podcast is now available! Show notes to follow shortly.


Hey guys it's Matt. I just wanted to let anyone and everyone out there still interested in the podcast to know that Episode 5 IS coming. We had hosting issues for a while and then once those were resolved it was hard to find time to work on the podcast. But rest assured, Episode 5 will be up soon. Most likely later on this week. I've got a few surprises in store for the show, so stay tuned!


Episode 4 of the podcast is now available! Unfortunately, mypodcast.com (which feeds our podcast to iTunes) is giving us trouble, meaning that it's not available on iTunes at the moment. For now, it can be downloaded at podomatic.com.


Episode 3 of the podcast is now available.

Follow us on Twitter!
Matt - TLC Matt
Andrew - SecretAsianMann


Episode 2 of the podcast is now available. Today�s episode features some new UFO news making waves, information about Russian children with special abilities, a mysterious texas fireball and more!


The podcast is now on iTunes! And don't forget, it's 100% FREE!. Please support us by SUBSCRIBING TO IT ON ITUNES and leaving a review. If you don't have iTunes, it can also be downloaded here. We depend on you guys to help spread the word, and this is one of the best ways to do so. The more people subscribe to our iTunes feed, the more popular we become within the iTunes podcast directory and the more exposure we get. That in turn leads to more people sumbitting stories and articles for review on the site and podcast, which means more entertainment for you guys. Thanks for the support!



This is Andrew, reposting a very important message Matt left on the message board-

Holy crap I haven't posted here in a long time! What's up anyone out there still reading this?!?!

Andrew and I have been working on updating the myspace page (www.myspace.com/theloneconspirators) and not so much trying to go through and edit all the links here. But, with the news I am about to unleash he thought it was a good idea that I post here on the message board.

We now have a podcast!!!! Check it out in the following locations:


Or, go to iTUNES and search for The Lone Conspirators. :-)

Hope you all enjoy! Give us feedback, you know we love hearing from you. :-D


I know I've said this before, but WE'RE BACK!!! Running an actual website got way too time-consuming for both Matt and I a long time ago, but we'll see how much easier updating a Myspace page is:) - 11-27-07

Holy crap I haven't updated this thing in awhile - 1-13-07

Once again, I'm having email problems, and I have been for the past month. And once again, I've changed my email address. If you've sent either me or Matt any messages recently and we haven't replied, please try again. My new email address is listed on the contacts page.

Also, I thought you guys might be interested in knowing that I planned on checking out an abandoned mental hospital somewhere in my city about a week ago. A group of friends wanted to go, but we couldn't figure out where it was and just gave up. Oh well, maybe some other time - 6-30-05

And here we are, the four year anniversary of this site. To celebrate, I've added my a 30 page paper I wrote for my high school senior year english class titled The Arcane World of Espoinage. Enjoy - 5-18-05

�A spy is one of the loneliest people in the world.� � Dr. David Charney

I just thought I'd let you guys know that I'm currently working on by far the BIGGEST update this site has ever seen. It's something that was written two years ago, but occupies 30 pages, double-spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font in a Word document. Yes, it's that big. It will be up within a few days in celebration of this site's four year anniversary and it's revival from the depths of cyberspace hell known as "never updated web sites" - 5-13-05

Here's the first real addition to the site in a very, very long time. Check out a cool article by Bill Knell on Mt. Misery, a strange place located in Long Island - 5-11-05

School's finally out and I've finally moved the entire site over to the new geocities server. And I still hate that damn geocities ad on the right side of every page. I'm sure there are at least a few broken links here and there, so if you encounter any, PLEASE let me know - 5-10-05

We're back! Here it is, the first update in OVER A YEAR. I still get emails about the site about once every week or two, so I know there are still SOME people out there watching. I just wanted to let all of the watchers of this site know that I've finally regained control of the site and will be moving it to a new server soon. I have this front page temporarily stored on a yahoo server so that I can make changes to it, but I'm on the looking for a better free webhost that doesn't have that annoying geocities/yahoo ad bar on the side. Can anyone help me out with this? Thanks, Andrew - 4-20-05

If anyone out there even visits this site anymore, bookmark the message board ASAP. There is a chance that this site will go down because I may be switching to a new isp. My current isp is giving me the webspace that this site is being housed on at the moment. If this happens, I will use the message board to communicate to whoever cares about the status of The Lone Conspirators. If it does go down, I may bring it back, I may not, and I may (probably will) just give it over to Matthew, who helps me run it. He's more into the site than I am now and would be much more likely than me to continue updating it. As a full time college student who likes to take at least 14 hours a semester while working 25-30 hours a week, that leaves very little free time during the academic year. I've had a great time making this site and will always keep a copy of it on my hard drive, but I would rather spend that precious free time doing other things because things are changing quickly for me and maintaining websites only takes up more of that time. I'm not saying that Matt has more free time than me, he works as much as I do and takes as many classes. He just seems more enthusiastic about this site than me.

Thanks to everyone who sent in stuff to me for the site. This never would've grown the way it has without you guys. I apologize to those who took the time to write up something for me and send it via email, only to never see it appear on the site. I started getting so many emails while at the same time being really busy with real life that I just couldn't keep up with everything. That's all for now, stay tuned - 7-1-04

I just accidently saved over the original homepage of this site, so I've had to go back and reconstruct it. That's why the list of old updates that used to be here are now all missing. Incase you didn't see the update I put up a few days ago, Matt & I have been having a lot trouble with our email accounts so several of you probably never received replies to any of the emails you sent us. Also, I've been having trouble accessing the site through my ftp program, which has made it hard for me to let anyone know what's been going on. Check the Email link to the left if you need to send us any messages - 2-25-04

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